New!! Top Pad has full teflon top. The pictures below do not

show the teflon sheet which wraps around the ends of the pad.

This a new feature as of 03/4/2011

See Video

Questions about this product?

Q: How do I keep it clean?

A: The Big Pad now has a teflon top wrapped around to back.

Q: How hot can I press with this product.

A: We have tested at 400 degrees for 45 seconds.

Q: Does the big pad fasten to your press?

A: No it is loose on the heat press pad. This also allows you to work off the press and set up your apparel on your big pad and then move your work to the heat press. You can place it width ways or long ways.

Q: I see it is a large pad on an aluminum plate what is holding them together?

A:We use high heat glue to fix on plate

Q: I don't have a heat press yet can I use THE BIG PAD for pressing my transfers.

A. yes just place a towel on a hard suface and place the THE BIG PAD on top.

we don't recommend wood tops.

Q: Why should I use you product instead of an ironing board.?

A: When pressing on an ironing board you don't have the rigid surface you should have with a heat press or THE BIG PAD!


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